Still Waters Vineyard

By April 5, 2016 winery

I recently headed out to Still Waters winery in Paso. Owned by Paul and Patty Hoover, the winery and tasting room are a calming retreat, as if you’re being warmly welcomed to someone’s home who just so happens to make some excellent wine. When we pulled up, Paul was just finishing up a tractor ride with their winery manager Kasey Helt’s two kiddos, the first glimpse of a fun and inviting space. Safe to say the two boys had huge smiles on their face from their joy ride!



Kudos to the Still Waters staff as the grounds here are beyond beautiful. There are various landscaped areas to sit and unwind in an adirondack, or if you’re up for games, there’s corn hole calling your name. If you want to stretch your legs, head up to take a walk through history as you meander through some big and beautiful olive trees. No wonder they host a lot of weddings up there, it’s a beautiful atmosphere and view!




We got a chance to see them bottling some new chardonnay. To our surprise, it was all done by hand! No big automation system, just 10 or so individuals prepping the bottles for your pleasure. Another nod to the great family feel at Still Waters.


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If you want to find a great winery where you can recline back on a beautiful lawn, overlook grapevine after grapevine, and feel like you’re visiting a long time friend… head over to Still Waters. It’s a great experience for the SLO life.


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