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I’ve heard a lot about Spearhead Coffee in Paso Robles, so I had to check it out for myself! Located near City Park, Spearhead just passed its one year anniversary.

I got to talk with Matt Klomp who owns the shop with Jeremy Sizemore and Joseph Gerardis. The trio’s focus is on specialty coffee with green in mind. Not only are their sources either certified fair trade or ethically made, but they’re also looking into more ways to work side by side with local farmers in direct trade.

I’m a fan of farm to family and farm to table movements, now I can add farm to cup to my advocate list!




I asked Matt what his favorite coffee is and he said he leans towards Ethiopian coffee that is naturally processed. I’ll admit I don’t know much about coffee besides my few favorite brands at the grocery store! So Matt showed me their menu where they list various tasting notes of each coffee — now as a self-proclaimed-winetasting-pro, I can follow this one!

It’s safe to say, these guys know coffee.




There’s also a great ambiance in Spearhead. I wish I had brought my laptop to do some work because it’s the exact kind of environment to get my creative juices flowing.




I should say I personally am not a Starbucks fan. The short version? I’d much rather support a local business than a big chain with some corporate partners that are on my “shady list”. I know their coffee is pretty good and they definitely have loyal followers… and sometimes I’ll give in to an iced vanilla latte at the airport… but if a local coffee shop is nearby I just can’t! So with Neil Young’s latest musical endeavor playing in my head (hint: you won’t find him in a Starbucks either), I’m excited to finally have walked through Spearhead’s doors!

A local business with a clear mission is my kinda thing.




Spearhead roasts their coffee right in the shop, and the baked goods are made in-house as well. They’re committed to paving the way for specialty coffee in our area with a sustainable focus – done and done!




Spearhead Coffee is located at 619 12th Street in Paso Robles. Enjoy!



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