If You Give A Girl A Saw

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So what does happen if you give a girl a saw? Janine Stone knows it best. I recently caught up with Janine in her work shop in San Luis Obispo where she shares space with another awesome local craftsmen and furniture designer, Mikey Gaumann.




About a year and a half ago, she was realtor by day, aspiring woodworker by night. Eventually, she made her last pitch for a home sale and left her path as a realtor behind to give her growing love of woodworking a chance. Fast forward to today, and she just launched her new product line for If You Give A Girl A Saw and is staining and creating full time.




This Atascadero native, now SLO proper resident, makes everything from wall hangings to table tops, breakfast trays to headboards.

Janine’s focus lies around creating beautiful pieces that are environmentally friendly. When she realized she wanted to send her customers home with products that were eco-friendly, she turned to homemade boiled linseed oil extracted from flax seeds as a coating for her pieces. She makes her own wood stains too.


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What I personally love about her pieces, besides the designs of course, is that they’re multi-functional. You could take a breakfast tray that you love and hang it on the wall when not in use. Or a wall hanging that might be a perfect coffee table top.




Janine makes items that allow her customer to decide how they want to incorporate them into their home. Take, for example, her table legs. You can position them in different configurations to make it your own (or change it up throughout the year for a fresh look).




Check out If You Give A Girl A Saw on Etsy or on her website. And hey, she takes commission orders if you’re hankering for a custom piece! But you might have to wait in line :) .

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